A recent loft conversion…

Take a look at the link below that shows a recent loft conversion we have completed in Trentham for Janice… everything from start to finish on this project was completed by our team and all signed off by building control.

Heres what Janice had to say about us ….
“I can’t believe the changes. Trentham Bathrooms have somehow created an en-suite out of an empty space. They’ve moved the boiler into the garage, then they removed the hot water tank. After that they put in floor joists………… the list just goes on and on. I’m so happy I used them. One of the best things is I felt confident leaving them alone in the house with my dog. I could even leave them a key and know everything was safe and sound! Bluebell fell in love with Joe, but sorry Joe, she then met Dave! 🐾🐾🐾. Oh and she thinks the shower is hers!
Big thank you to everyone!”

A loft conversion…

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